Situated over 800 meters high, this small town (which is still the largest of the department with an area of ​​17 747 hectares) has always been the key position of the road to the pass of Tende to Italy. This village, built in terraces on a hillside, is dominated by the Clock Tower and the ruins of the castle of the Lascaris. The commune of Tende is a border with Italy. It is located inside the Mercantour National Park and at the entrance to the Valley of Wonders. Tende is on the "Salt Road" linking Nice to Italy through the Tende Pass (1871 meters). Salt, used to preserve food, came from the salt marshes of Toulon and Hyères. It was transported by sea to the port of Nice. The salt road passed through the village of Escarène, the Col de Braus, Sospel, the Col de Brouis, the Giandola, Fontan, Tende, Tende Pass, then in Italy, Limone, Cuneo and Turin. Thousands of mules carried loads of goods, whatever the weather. An intervention squad, I Collanti , the men of the pass, ensured the sustainability of the road, at all costs. In winter, they dug steps and platforms in the ice to facilitate the rise of the animals. Distance Tende is situated in the Alpes-Maritimes at 50 km from Nice and can be reached by train

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