Saint Dalmas

Two thirds of the Saint Dalmas commune is included within the magnificent Mercantour National Park. The village is therefore surrounded by some magnificent conserved landscapes: larch forests, alpine pastures rich with wild flowers. This municipality includes in its territory the Route de la Bonnette, the highest road in Europe (don't miss the orientation table at the pass, at an altitude of 2,862 m) and Bousieyas, the highest hamlet in the department(1,900 m). St Dalmas de Selvage is at the end of the world (right at the top of the department!), at the very source of the Tinee river. The village nestles at the foot of a majestic cirque of high mountains and vertiginous grey cliffs. But the greatest charm of the village lies in its intimate atmosphere, its bracing air, the song of the torrent below and the smell of wood fires. What a wonderful experience to wander along these narrow unevenly paved streets with crooked walls on each side, discovering old houses (some dating back to the 18th century), with very steep roofs covered with larch shingles, and numerous sundials, one of which proclaims "Proud sun, how haughty is your mood, But this span is capable of measuring your course". Distance from Nice 100 Km, can be only reached with private transport

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