Le Vingt4

A refreshing and stylish restaurant and lounge, le Vingt4 is a great culinary gateway. The day and evening menu are short but get straight to the point, offering a well thought-out selection of tantalising contemporary dishes, with that sought-after French twist. Try the slice of roasted cod with tomato salsa in Portuguese style, duck aiguillette with grape and verjuice sauce or the tofu homemade hamburger. Each dish is expertly paired with at least two wine suggestions, most of which are available by the glass. The Vingt4’s modern interior is made up of cozy lilac sofa-benches and chairs, smooth wooden tables, and funky artwork, with a strong feminine touch apparent throughout the décor. Try your luck and maybe catch one of Vingt4’s entertaining soirées of live music showcasing different local artist. Address : 24 Alphonse Karr, Nice.

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